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Amphibia. Floating Sunglasses

You apply sunscreen, wear a hat and maybe protective clothing, but what about your eyes - are they protected?

Protective eyewear is critical on the water and when outdoors, year round.  To protect your eyes from sunburn and long-term harmful, damaging UV rays, as well as the elements, wear quality sunglasses!  I have recently received the Amphibia line of performance floating sunglasses.  Yes, floating sunglasses that provide all day comfort, performance and enhanced vision to be able to read the breeze.  The polarized lenses are shatter proof and have a double-sided hydrophobic coating that repels water and eliminates fogging.  They were voted best new product at Vision Expo West.

They are now available at my office at 40% off, introductory offer.

Amphibia.  Because Earth is Mostly Water!