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Contact Lens Recycling

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You wear them – you throw them out – but now they are actually recyclable! Approximately 290+ million contact lenses end up in Canadian landfills or waterways, creating microplastics that can harm our planet (Bausch & Lomb).

York Mills Eye Care is very excited to be partnering with Bausch & Lomb and Terracycle to bring you the Every Contact Counts initiative – making it easy for you to recycle your contacts while reducing waste. YMEC is one of the few places in Toronto that currently offers this program.

Simply collect your used contact lenses and blister packs, just drain the solution and drop them off. The cardboard boxes that your contact lenses came in can be added to your regular recycling.

Regardless of the brand, you wear or where you got them from, we will take your contact lenses.

The best part? Participation in the program is completely free.

Call us for more information at 855-967-0466.